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Get a real-life boost when living and investing in real estate in San Miguel de Allende, one of the most desired small cities in the world as seen year after year by traveler and lifestyle awards, as well as being named a UNESCO World Heritage City for its protected architecture, capturing the European ‘baroque’ 17th century style.


Call me right now at 415-114-9007 (from outside Mexico add 52).  I’ll then get you acquainted with real life options through excellent real estate opportunities in town and around it in the rolling hill country-side.  I’ll use my professional connection to 200 other professional realtors in the market (most of whom have not lived here 24 years as I have) and see what is out there for you, right now, maybe with a surprise thrown in – something you hadn’t even thought of as possible.

Don’t delay on your dream today - this little town only grows in value as its historic center and the neighborhoods attached to it maintain their value…and grow in value, as it cannot be reproduced anywhere in the world.  Its roots go back 450+ years: it’s friendliness, true culture, foodie-pleasing restaurants, music, nightlife, shopping and festivals make it immanently livable. There is only one San Miguel de Allende in Mexico - let me show it to you, as a connected ‘citizen’ of this magic city.  

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This is a unique opportunity to purchase a house in Centro with a recent Commercial Appraisal of 804,000 USD* for 650,000 USD with a commitment in the purchase to allow the older-age seller to stay-in-place 5 years’ rent-free.

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